Movies From Books

I’ve been a bit busy again with a variety of things, so today’s post is a borrowed one from Dueling Librarians:

5 Movies That Are Better Than The Books


Generally, librarian types are “purists” who prefer the book to the movie. What do you think of these?

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5 Responses to Movies From Books

  1. I can see it both ways. Some books that are better than movies and vise versa.


  2. whereshappy says:

    I am also a librarian and I do tend to like book versions better. However, I have been proven wrong once or twice and I appreciate that!


    • cbecker53 says:

      It’s true. Sometimes I even think I prefer whichever I encountered first; If I read the book first, I like the book, but if I saw the movie first, I prefer the movie. Funny, isn’t it!
      Nice to “meet” a fellow librarian–I hope you visit again!

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