Disability Discrimination

In libraries, as in other workplaces, there are many employment laws and rules we must abide by.Embed from Getty Images

One of these is the requirement to provide reasonable accommodations for an employee with a disability. But sometimes this is easier said than done. There are probably many reasons for this, but today’s post addresses two (related) reasons:

  • An employee may have an “invisible” disability.
  • An employee may not tell you about their disability.

In these cases, the burden is on the employee to disclose.  So what if you have an employee you must fire because they are unable to perform their job, who then sues the library, saying they were unable to perform their job because of a disability you didn’t accommodate? The good news is that you are not liable, if they didn’t tell you about their disability.

But it is important to understand the laws and requirements. And also be aware, that even if you do things right, you may have to defend yourself in court.

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