A Library Doesn’t Need a Steamroller

A library (or any business/organization) doesn’t need a steamroller.

steamrollerThat is, of course, unless the business is a construction company.
Or, perhaps, if your library is in the process of constructing a new building.
But the kind of “steamroller” I’m talking about is a steamroller personality. If you’ve been in the workforce for a while, I think you know what I’m talking about. A steamroller may do good work and get a lot done, but walk all over everyone else in the process. I’ve heard many directors and managers say they have a person like this on their staff, but can’t do anything about it, because they are such a good worker.

I remind you, that it is important not only to produce quality work, but also to get along with others along the way. If you have a steamroller on your staff, deal with that person as you would any other employee with a performance or behavior problem.

How to Deal With a Steamroller Personality on Your Team is a fine description of how to handle such a situation.

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