Stuck in the Middle

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When I worked full-time, I usually thought the best type of job for me was one in middle management. Where I didn’t have all the pressures, responsibilities, hassles of being the top “boss,” but did have some administrative powers and input, and supervised other staff.  There are lots of these kinds of positions in libraries: department heads, lead workers, coordinators, etc.

Now a new study has found that middle-managers are the workers most prone to depression—more so than those at both the lowest and highest rungs of the working ladder. They are literally stuck in the middle; they get push-back both from above and below.

So if you’re “stuck in the middle” what do you do? Be aware of the special demands placed on you because of your position, and take good care of yourself. Pay attention to what causes you stress. Get enough sleep. Eat right and exercise. Talk to both your administrators/bosses and those you supervise. And don’t take all their burdens onto yourself.

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