No, Really, I Want to Know


Managers often say that they want candid input from their teams – but then act in ways that virtually ensure they won’t get it.


Obviously, whether you supervise staff in a library or some other setting, that is not what you want. If you truly want input, you have to create and foster an atmosphere in which your team feels safe in coming to you. So now you’re asking, “how do I do that?,” right? 🙂 Well, The Real Reasons Your Team Isn’t Telling You What They Think (The Fast Track) offers a list of ways that you may discouraging staff members from sharing their feedback, and how you can avoid them.

For example: You take feedback well, but you favor team members who always agree with you.  Oops!

Be sure to read the article for the full list. And don’t make these mistakes. 

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