Be a Star! (‘Cause it’s Like Acting)


Have you ever thought that interviewing for a job is like playing an acting role?


When we interview for jobs (in many, but certainly not all!) library settings, we may be asked to give a presentation. I’ve given many, and “attended” many of other people’s interview presentations. I never really thought of it as acting.

Making the Most of Your Teaching Demo is about interviewing for a teaching job, but the same principles apply.  It doesn’t tell you to think of the demo/presentation as an acting job, but after reading it, it seems to me that it sort of is, and if I ever have to do anything like this again (oh, gee, I hope not!), I’m going to try to remember to play the part. (and follow some of the good ideas in the post.)

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4 Responses to Be a Star! (‘Cause it’s Like Acting)

  1. indiang says:

    oh….I lije different thought


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