Share, Listen, and Respect

listenLet’s talk a minute about sharing our ideas.

Are you a “veteran” librarian who has been around the block a few (okay, many) times and you just know when something isn’t going to work?

Or , are you a “new” librarian who is rather frustrated that the “veterans” at your library aren’t willing to listen to you, or try something new, or different?

Well, how shall I say this? You’re both right! And. . . you’re both. . . well, wrong. You see,  there is so much “new,” “young” librarians have to offer.  But there is also so much we “older” librarians have to share, including background and history. Neither side should discount what the other has to say. But to get to that point, we have to listen, and we have to respect each other. Really, this is no different from how we should all behave in every aspect of our lives.

Michele Santamaria says this so much better than I just did in her post On Listening and Being Listened To in Letters to a Young Librarian. Take a look. And take it to heart.




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