Adam Sandler Didn’t Have Ebola

sandlerThere is so much misinformation on the web, and there are so many imperfect ways of finding information, and don’t get me started on what can happen when a reputable site is hacked! (That’s what happened with the Sandler and Ebola situation.)

So, what to do? Well, that’s why the world needs librarians, of course. 🙂

Leslie Stebbins says this all so much better than I could in Markers of Quality: the Role of Librarians in Everyday Life Information Literacy (Library Journal).  Here’s a quote:

If we think of the web as the Wild West, where brothels and outhouses were a little too front and center and more reputable businesses took time to establish themselves, we can start trying to create some zoning and street signs online to help people find their way. Librarians have a long history of curating and filtering information, and we need to continue to transition this important work onto the web.






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