It’s Not Either/Or

Libraries don’t have to (and shouldn’t) choose between being a library or a “makerspace.” They are both!

MiddletonAnd I don’t really have to write a post about this, because Colleen Graves has already done so: A Library AND a Makerspace. Her library is a school library, where children come to:

  • Read
  • Learn
  • Make
  • Study
  • Research

All of these things go on in every library! Every library is a makerspace and a library.

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2 Responses to It’s Not Either/Or

  1. Chris White says:

    Many libraries have closed in the UK which is a very bad move. Libraries are full of magic and wonder. On a positive note many libraries have really upped their game. I love mobile libraries as well.

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    • cbecker53 says:

      Many libraries are closing in the US, as well, or, if still open making do with not enough funding. Since you love libraries, I hope you are also supporting them when possible.


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