Libraries Forever?

You know how I feel about libraries. But I’m happy to say that the article Has the Library Outlived its Usefulness in the Age of the Internet? supports my view.

IMG_0504You’ll want to read the whole article of course, but just to give you a hint, here are the last sentences:

. . . we are beginning to design libraries that seek to restore parts of the library’s historic role as an institution of learning, culture and intellectual community.

Any library, public or academic, able to live up to so important a role will never outlive its usefulness.

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2 Responses to Libraries Forever?

  1. Chris White says:

    Libraries must always be around. I mean …. just imagine a bunch of school kids in the future being shown pictures of libraries. ” We used to go into rooms full of books and read them. John, quit playing with your personal transporter.”
    I use e books. Yes. But well … can you get some sort of built in spray smell, like those room deodourisers. And hey … book signings, autographs …. can I have your iris recognitions on my please. Er … OK … that’s it.
    Library 6. End of line …

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