A Love in Libraries

heart On Friday, my husband and I celebrated our 27th anniversary. Ours has been a love in (and of) libraries.

We met in 1985 in my very first class at the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Libraries and Information Science (SLIS). I had left my (low) paying job, and everything I knew behind, to move to a strange new place. The population of the campus alone was (much) larger than any city I had never lived. I was scared, nervous, and obsessed with working hard on my degree, so that my decision to start over would pay off. He taught me to “lighten up” and enjoy my time in Madison and graduate school. We became casual friends.

After we got our degrees, we went our separate ways, but since the library world is really a very small place (and we were both working in Wisconsin libraries), we saw each other at conferences, and kept in touch. A few years later, our friendship changed into something more, and we were married in 1989.  wedding couple

Fast forward to 2016. In our lives, we have shared a love of libraries, and between the two of us I think we have worked in at least 15 different library settings. So you see, we have shared a love of libraries. A love in libraries. Our life in libraries.







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One Response to A Love in Libraries

  1. Chris White says:

    Wonderful. Congratulations.


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