So we recently talked about being new to management. Today we talk about what to do when as a new (or not so new!) manager you give feedback that results in tears, anger, or gossip. face-crying-800pxYes, tears, anger and gossip. You wouldn’t think you’d typically see these in a professional setting would you? But we do, sometimes more than others.

Sometimes we have to give our employees hard feedback, in an effort to help them improve. When our feedback is met with tears or other non-productive response, I think a normal reaction is to back off. Of course, that is just what we should not do.  Luckily, there are some tips in Solution Saturday: Crying, Anger, and Gossip. (from Leadership Freak)

You’ll want to read the whole post, but here are some favorite bits:

  • Don’t give feedback if you don’t care. Always let people know they’re important and you believe in them.
  • Manipulative tears are attempts to short-circuit the process. Stay focused on serving their highest good and press forward. Say, “This seems like a painful issue for you, but I believe it’s important. We need to press through.”
  • Tears from the tender-hearted suggest tenderness from you. Use a hammer with the hard-headed. A feather works with a tender heart.
  • The worst thing you can do is get sucked into someone’s anger.

Good luck!

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