I wish we didn’t have to keep talking about this, but we do. As Feral Librarian explains in Never Neutral, neutral is really nothing more than a gear in your car.

And as Libraries 4 Black Lives explains in But Aren’t Libraries Neutral?, libraries have always stood for things like equity, civic engagement and intellectual freedom. Sometimes this may mean taking a stand against things like hate, racism, and removing the rights of citizens.

And so it has come to this.  It is time, now more than ever, to:

  • Stand for truth and knowledge, justice and equity for all.
  • Stand for facts, and stand for those who are most at risk.
  • Stand against the horrorshow revealing itself to us, and fight with those who are determined to create equity among people, justice in the face of the unjust, and love out of hate.

Stand, Fight, Resist (Pattern Recognition)

Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone.

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2 Responses to Neutral?

  1. encounters says:

    Thank you, I think in matters of justice there is no room for being neutral.


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