Libraries are for Everyone. Really.

LAFE roseI tell you that all the time. Recently, of course, the phrase has come to have new meaning.







Now there is an amazing library blogger who has created a series of graphics around the theme of diversity and inclusion.  And she is doing so in multiple languages:




All of the images are under a Creative Commons Attribute/Share Alike license, because Hafuboti wants and encourages everyone to download, share, modify, and have fun with her work!

These make my day! I hope they make yours too.

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4 Responses to Libraries are for Everyone. Really.

  1. Hafuboti says:

    Thank you so much for spreading both this message and my work!!!


  2. Shaker Library (OH) used Rebecca McCorkindale’s posters in a Children’s display. We added a world map and invited children and parents to tell us where they are from, so we can add a pin to our map. Her lovely posters complement our display.


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