Library Photo of the Month–April 2017

This month takes us to Plain, a small village in Sauk County, a little less than an hour northwest of Madison.


A much-needed new library facility was built there in the 2000s. Enjoy the photos:

The clock tower

Preserve – Encourage – Imagine


The village is quite small, so it is an achievement to have a new building, with adequate collection and services as well. Visit the library’s website, and learn more about the village. Better yet, take a trip to check both out!

I snapped these photos during our October road trip to view the autumn leaves. As I was walking around the grounds, my eyes also fell upon this cute little sidewalk mosaic.



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3 Responses to Library Photo of the Month–April 2017

  1. Maureen says:

    I love the Kraemer Library and Community Center! Plain is very lucky to have such a beautiful place for the community to gather.

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