What Does it Mean?

How many languages can you speak?





As for me, I can only speak one. But I can pick out words from a few. I can also make out some words, phrases and messages in languages that aren’t really languages, like “legalese,” and “boss-speak.”

Most bosses and managers probably think they’re being clear when they speak to those they supervise. But unfortunately, they aren’t always that clear.  Or maybe they are, but their employees haven’t quite learned how to understand “boss-speak.”

No matter which side of the supervisory “table” you’re on, I think that How to Speak “Boss” and Decode What Your Manager Really Means (from USNews.com) will help you communicate better.  After all, there is enough going on in our busy libraries and other workplaces. We don’t need to make things any more difficult by not understanding each others’ messages.

Learn what your boss or supervisor is saying, and take it seriously. Good luck!

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