Leading from the Middle

followGood libraries are led by good leaders. But there are also leaders who are not always at the “top.”

These leaders are often called middle managers. Jesse Lyn Stoner shares some perceptive thoughts about middle managers in How Middle Managers Provide Leadership Everyday. I want to remember some of these key points:

  • Leadership requires reaching across reporting lines and having conversations about the bigger picture, what makes sense, and what might be needed to ensure success for the enterprise, not just the project.
  • Focus on building a strong team. Buffer your team as much as you can from assaults from on high. It might mean taking the heat for your team at times so they are not distracted and can focus on their work.
  • Support your direct reports so they can accomplish their work.
  • Build relationships with your peers and people in other departments.
  • As your team develops into a high performance team, step out of their way so they can fly.
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