Work–and a “Life.” We Should be Able to Have Both

If your work is important to you, and you work hard, it can be hard to find a work/life balance. But it can be done.



It’s important to maintain a proper work/life balance. I know when I was working outside the home full-time, if the work part of the scale was weighing too heavily on me, I was stressed out, unhappy and angry all the time, even when I wasn’t at work. This isn’t good for anyone. In my opinion, maintaining that proper balance is something you have to work on yourself; no one can fix it for you. And for me, it’s something I need to work on all the time, not just once.

Can You Choose Your Work/Life Balance? 3 Actions to Take offers some advice for those of us who have trouble keeping a healthy balance between our work and the rest of our lives. Do you have additional tips or advice?

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