Find Your Own Way

Some things that many people say libraries/librarians “should” do may be hold-overs from an earlier time. Others may be things that work in one library/community, but not in another. So you don’t always need to listen when someone tells you “you’re doing it wrong.” You may not be.upset



Confessions of a Librarian Who Does Everything Wrong looks at some of the things a school librarian has been questioned about—but she keeps doing them anyway, because she believes they’re right for her library and her students. In some cases, I think there may be ways to do them that aren’t problematic (like inventory), but in other cases, I say “you go, girl!” (I agree we should “never be the gatekeeper of literacy, but always the gate openers.”) If you have time, go give the article a read. I’ll be interested in your thoughts.

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