A Life in Libraries

I’ve led a “life in libraries.” After over 30 years in public and academic libraries of various sizes in Minnesota and Wisconsin, I retired in December 2011 after 11 years with the South Central Library System (SCLS), one of the largest of Wisconsin’s 17 public library systems.  As the Public Library Administration Consultant,  I provided assistance and consultation to directors, staff and trustees at SCLS’s 53 member libraries on a variety of administrative and other topics. photobooth

My life is still one in libraries, although now I “work” at home. That work may take the form of teaching an online continuing education course, or presenting a staff in-service for a nearby public library, or working with my state library association. When I am not working, I may be visiting my local public library as a user, or using its online catalog to search for my next reading adventure.

our books I am pleased that my life and schedule now allow me to share with others some of what I have learned in my life and time in libraries through this blog.  But even more than that, I’m still learning, and enjoy sharing news and information I find helpful, that I hope you will find helpful too. Sometimes this information will be very specific to libraries, while other times it might be more generally related to management, or even “just darn good advice” about important skills like communication, decision-making, or time management.  And occasionally it will be something that I just felt like writing about that day!

So, thanks for stopping by, and welcome to my world, my life in (and out) of libraries. I hope you’ll visit often.




21 Responses to A Life in Libraries

  1. zimmer says:

    cool site


  2. Denise Anton Wright says:

    So glad that Cheryl is now available to do free-lance consultation work! She did an amazing job of facilitating our New Glarus Public Library’s 2010 – 2013 Strategic Plan using the Strategic Planning for Results model.


  3. frenchydiary says:

    I just saw you liked my article about conflicts and new technologies: http://frenchydiary.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/conflicts-and-new-technologies/
    I was wondering if you would like to give me your view on the topic commenting on the post 🙂
    I wrote this post as part of my Persuasive Communication course and I really need comment and thoughts about it.
    Thank you very much for your time 🙂



  4. Mike says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom here and for pointing out other sites like The Fast Track that help me with my own career success.


  5. simplifyingcecile says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise! I don’t know what I would do without our local library. As a homeschooler, I always max out the number of items we can check out and love the library book sales. The library has invaluable educational resources for my homeschool. You are doing a great service to the community by shedding more light on the library for those of us who aren’t from that profession.


  6. Good Woman says:

    I just came over to take a look at your blog after you liked something on mine. And I am so excited! I am a Wisconsin native who started my professional teaching career in southwestern Wisconsin. After teaching for 11 years I moved to New Mexico. Where would we be without libraries (and thus librarians)? I will look forward to following your blog.

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    • cbecker53 says:

      I’m happy to connect with a Wisconsin native! (I’m originally from MN myself, but have lived in WI since 1985, so consider myself a Wisconsinite now.) And thanks for your supportive words about libraries.
      Thanks for stopping by–Please come again!

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      • Good Woman says:

        An interesting fact: 1985 is when I moved to New Mexico. I was in Wisconsin at the end of February for my brother’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration. It was so cold all the while I was there which brought back many memories.


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  8. kritsayvonne says:

    Hi, just saw you sitting in the corner at the Book Bloggers party and I’m one of those annoying people who can’t bear someone being alone. I’ll pop back later, need to circulate now x

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  10. Hi Cheryl! I have nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Award> You can check it out at http://incahootswithmuddyboots.com . Sabine


  11. jasminplease says:

    Hi Cheryl! I was just wondering, when you started out working in the library, what was your title? And what other job titles have you had within the library? I’m loving reading your posts , and I too do worry about funding for public libraries, I am in LA and there are several amazing branches, but they all seem to suffer.


    • cbecker53 says:

      Hi, Jasmin! Thanks for asking. It’s a long answer. 🙂 When I first started working in libraries, I was in high school! But that’s probably not what you’re talking about. When I graduated from college, I was a bookmobile librarian, and after that, I was a branch librarian for a multi-county consolidated system. Both of those were in MN, and before I got my Master’s degree. After I went back to school and got my MLS, I was the head of the Reference department in an academic library, and then a reference librarian and lots of other reference-y type positions in an academic medical library. THEN, a library assistant at a small public library, and finally a consultant at the South Central Library System, before retiring in 2011.
      Libraries have never been swimming in money, but hard times, and less hard times, seem to come and go. Right now, things are tough. In my opinion it is due to conservatives thinking things like libraries are “frills.” Really, libraries are one of the few institutions that benefit everyone, rich or poor, right or left. (I’ll step down off my soapbox now. . .
      thanks again for stopping by, and for your kind words!

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