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Listen, Listen, Listen

I’m still working on this one.

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Library Photo of the Month–March 2017

The Kansas City (MO) Public Library looks pretty amazing to me: Does it to you too?

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Healthy. And not Surprising.

You can find, learn, and do lots of things at public libraries. One thing you can learn is how to be healthy! Surprising Place to Get Healthy: at the Library shares the stories of health initiatives at four libraries.   … Continue reading

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Good Idea!

This story comes from my “what a great idea!” file. The Chicago Public Library is partnering with CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) to offer free content to CTA train and bus riders. (The CTA offers free 4G wireless connectivity.) What a … Continue reading

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Library Love

Some library love for today: I Love Libraries (from ALA) Top 10 Love Stories in Libraries (from OCLC) Real Library Love Stories (from ALA) Love in the Library (Jimmy Buffett/video)

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Libraries are for Everyone. Really.

I tell you that all the time. Recently, of course, the phrase has come to have new meaning.

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Library Photo of the Month–February 2017

Not far northwest of Madison lies the community of Sauk City, “where eagles soar” (more about those eagles in a minute.)

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Get Outside Your Bubble

We all live in our bubbles, I think. But now, more than ever, it’s important to get push your boundaries, and get outside your bubble. The Library Bubble: Why It’s Important and Why We Need to Burst It by Jennifer … Continue reading

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I Will Follow You

If you are, or want to be, a leader, you need to have followers. People who are willing to follow you.        

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Come What May

None of us really knows what will happen next. We should always be prepared. But we’re not. Not always.

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