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Find Your Own Way

Some things that many people say libraries/librarians “should” do may be hold-overs from an earlier time. Others may be things that work in one library/community, but not in another. So you don’t always need to listen when someone tells you … Continue reading

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Heat Relief

Well, it’s July and I just thought I’d remind you once again that your local library is a place you can cool off. Also, a place you can relax, have fun, read, attend interesting programs, etc. That is all.

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It’s not Easy

If anyone tells you they’re a born leader, don’t believe them!

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What (Who) is the Problem?

If your team or organization is having productivity problems, perhaps the problem is one particular individual. Don’t ignore the problem, and don’t let it slide. It won’t get better without intervention. Combat the Effects of a Divisive Team Member has … Continue reading

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Library Photo of the Month–July 2017

This month’s library can be found in the historic village of Mineral Point.  

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No new posts this week. We are taking some much needed time away in beautiful Door County Wisconsin. See you next week.

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Work–and a “Life.” We Should be Able to Have Both

If your work is important to you, and you work hard, it can be hard to find a work/life balance. But it can be done.    

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The Rules Apply

There are certain rules that do apply to all leaders, even if they might think the rules don’t apply to them. They do.

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Everybody Makes Mistakes

We all, employees and managers alike, make mistakes. But when employees do make mistakes, it is the manager’s job to help correct them.  

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Still Working on It

There are so many aspects of being a good leader, and I am still working on most of them myself.

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