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Get Outside Your Bubble

We all live in our bubbles, I think. But now, more than ever, it’s important to get push your boundaries, and get outside your bubble. The Library Bubble: Why It’s Important and Why We Need to Burst It by Jennifer … Continue reading

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When Will We Ever Learn?

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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Many public and academic libraries (and I think even some school libraries)  have something called Friends groups.

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Now, THIS is Scary!

This article has nothing to do with Halloween. It is a letter from a resident of Park Ridge, Illinois voicing his opinion against a library referendum, and it is filled with misinformation and bias against public libraries.  What’s scary is … Continue reading

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Library Advocacy Done Right!

There is very little I can say about Thing 1 and Thing 2 (from The M Word).  Except, read it.  And watch the video.  And read the Power Guide.  And learn how your library can do this too.  Library boards, … Continue reading

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Do Your Library Users Trust and Support You?

Spend some time with the post Earning Trust by Aaron Schmidt. Think about his opening premise: “Earning the trust of your library members is crucial to delivering a great user experience. Without trust, it is impossible to connect to library … Continue reading

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Libraries Are Alive!

It’s no secret that I champion libraries.  It’s also no secret that some pundits say that libraries are dying.  So it is gratifying to come across the article Who Says Libraries are Going Extinct? in the Pacific Standard.  While acknowledging … Continue reading


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Killer Marketing Messages

Here’s a great way to get your message about libraries in general, or your library in particular (using your library specifically is better, I think) out in a memorable way. Helped XXX children learn to read (number of children’s library … Continue reading

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Cash in On Social Media

So, OK, I do recommend that libraries have some social media presence, whether Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, whatever. . .  or a combination of any of them.  BUT, I don’t think you should have these just for the sake of having … Continue reading

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Why do You Think We Call it Buy-in?

I find the post Persuasion and Sales: Sure You Can from All Things Workplace intriguing and informative. The thrust of the article is simple.  Many of us say we would never want to, and could never be, in sales.  And … Continue reading

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