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Everybody Makes Mistakes

We all, employees and managers alike, make mistakes. But when employees do make mistakes, it is the manager’s job to help correct them.  

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Change is Hard

Change is hard. You’ve heard me say it before.

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Alive and Making a Difference!

There are those who say libraries are dying.      

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Presto Change-O

Change is hard enough as it is! So it can be a double blow when you work hard to change something and nobody notices! Your first reaction might be “Why bother?” But I want to tell you that is

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Are You a Change Agent?

Here‘s a post from Fast Track that begins: When organizations believe they must change to survive, they often bring in an outsider to drive that transformation. But that can be as disruptive as it is stressful, leading to turnover, reduced … Continue reading

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Avant Garde

Today I’m looking at a site called The Daily Post from WordPress, and discovered that every day they publish a new “daily prompt” for bloggers to use when they’re having trouble blogging that day.  The daily prompt pushes them to … Continue reading

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Change is Hard–Do It Right

I’ve written about change before.  We all encounter change daily—in our personal lives, at work, and libraries are no different.  I think we can all use advice on dealing with change.  And those of you who lead organizations or groups … Continue reading

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The Times They are a-Changin’

So, you know I support libraries.  All libraries, of all kinds. But you also know, today’s libraries are not your mama’s libraries.  Or if they are, they probably aren’t doing well, or aren’t well-supported. Libraries, like people, animals, cultures, and … Continue reading

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Riding the Waves of Change

Ah, change.  It is inevitable, isn’t it.  Yet, it’s one thing to know that change is inevitable, and quite another to cope with it.  Change happens in the world, in our cultures, in our lives, and in our workplaces. In … Continue reading

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