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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Many public and academic libraries (and I think even some school libraries)  have something called Friends groups.

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Libraries Are Alive!

It’s no secret that I champion libraries.  It’s also no secret that some pundits say that libraries are dying.  So it is gratifying to come across the article Who Says Libraries are Going Extinct? in the Pacific Standard.  While acknowledging … Continue reading


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Naming Rights

If you are in the middle of a building project, or maybe if you are even contemplating one, you are no doubt looking at a wide variety of fundraising options.  One funding source that has been gaining in popularity is … Continue reading

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Cash in On Social Media

So, OK, I do recommend that libraries have some social media presence, whether Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, whatever. . .  or a combination of any of them.  BUT, I don’t think you should have these just for the sake of having … Continue reading

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Why do You Think We Call it Buy-in?

I find the post Persuasion and Sales: Sure You Can from All Things Workplace intriguing and informative. The thrust of the article is simple.  Many of us say we would never want to, and could never be, in sales.  And … Continue reading

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You never Know…

You never know who might be quietly admiring your library, and planning to reward you someday. You should always be putting customer service first, of course, without ulterior motives.  You should be providing remarkable customer service because it’s the right … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Art

So here’s an interesting fundraising idea:  “The Library Lovers’ Art Auction.” I dearly wish libraries did not have to resort to fundraisers.  And when they do, that the funds raised could be for capital campaigns, for buildings, and for “frills.”  … Continue reading

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(Good)Searching for Money?

I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know about GoodSearch until recently.  It’s basically a search engine that donates about half of its revenue to American charities and schools that register with them. And yes, by “charities” I mean libraries! From … Continue reading

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