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Interviewing Potpourri

I’m participating in an interviewing and hiring process this week, so interviews are much on my mind.  Here’s some of my favorite posts about interviews (some are helpful, some funny, but even the funny ones can be helpful, if only … Continue reading

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But Are You Passionate?

Here’s an interesting post about interview questions, in particular, how to measure passion in an interview.  Finding candidates who will be passionate about their jobs is not an easy thing to do in an interview situation. These questions, or some … Continue reading


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Skills: Hard or Soft?

Sometimes I am late (and yes, sometimes very late!) to learn about things.  In this case, the concept of “hard skills” and “soft skills” is new to me.  Whether you already know all about this, or are just learning, like … Continue reading

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“R-E-S-P-E-C-T!” Sing it, Aretha!

Several things prompt me to write this post: The upcoming election, all the campaign ads and press touting candidates, and the lack of respect from candidates toward their opponents. Learning about a series of programs at the Hedberg Public Library … Continue reading

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Breaking up Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard to Do

I recently blogged about the hiring process.  Today’s post takes a look at one of the opposite ends of the spectrum.  No, not firing, but that moment when a valued employee moves to a new position.   Actually, if you do … Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Library Professional?

I’ve been helping out with a public library system director search process.  I love hiring and interviewing; I don’t know why, I just do.  This process has gone very well, partly because of a very good committee. Anyway, we’ve had … Continue reading

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Hiring the Best

I’ve got writer’s block today.  I’m also currently involved with helping a public library system conduct their search for a new director.  These two facts combined lead me to share with you to a couple of blogs that I refer … Continue reading

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I Think I’m an Elder Stateswoman!

I think I’ve become an elder stateswoman.  Maybe I should have called my blog “The Elder Stateswoman of Libraries.”  Various online dictionaries I consulted define elder statesman (or stateswoman) as a “prominent, highly experienced older man/woman, especially one acting as … Continue reading

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Hiring? Don’t forget about Recruitment

It seems I’m seeing more announcements for job openings lately so I thought I’d share some thoughts on hiring.  I’ll focus on just one aspect of hiring, that of recruitment; in fact I’ll focus on just one aspect of recruitment.  … Continue reading

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