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We’re Here to Help

The role of libraries and librarians keeps changing.  Libraries are free to define the roles they will fulfill, but these roles should always be in response to the needs of their communities.

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Libraries Forever?

You know how I feel about libraries. But I’m happy to say that the article Has the Library Outlived its Usefulness in the Age of the Internet? supports my view. You’ll want to read the whole article of course, but … Continue reading

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Adam Sandler Didn’t Have Ebola

There is so much misinformation on the web, and there are so many imperfect ways of finding information, and don’t get me started on what can happen when a reputable site is hacked! (That’s what happened with the Sandler and … Continue reading

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Libraries Care About Privacy

Libraries care about your privacy. They really do. It’s one of our core values. It always has been, long before this crazy thing called the internet came along, and long before companies knew just about everything about you, and hackers … Continue reading

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The Future of Libraries

I attended a webcast on March 12 on the “Future of Libraries.”  Speakers were from a variety of settings: public library, academic library, public library consortium, and an independent library web developer.  When we talk about the future of libraries, … Continue reading

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Illegal Downloads and Libraries–This is Important!

Do you worry about people downloading illegally at your library?  Have you heard of libraries getting fined because someone has downloaded something illegally?  Do you use filters to keep users from certain sites where they might download something illegally? Okay, … Continue reading

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