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Be a Star! (‘Cause it’s Like Acting)

Have you ever thought that interviewing for a job is like playing an acting role?   When we interview for jobs (in many, but certainly not all!) library settings, we may be asked to give a presentation. I’ve given many, … Continue reading

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Alive and Making a Difference!

There are those who say libraries are dying.      

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Making Ends Meet

Sometimes, maybe especially in today’s economy, people are unable to find work, and may have to work two part-time jobs to make ends meet. It is no different for those working in libraries.

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I Think I’m an Elder Stateswoman!

I think I’ve become an elder stateswoman.  Maybe I should have called my blog “The Elder Stateswoman of Libraries.”  Various online dictionaries I consulted define elder statesman (or stateswoman) as a “prominent, highly experienced older man/woman, especially one acting as … Continue reading

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