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Listen, Listen, Listen

I’m still working on this one.

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Don’t Bury Your Head in the Sand

It’s not a good look! It’s not productive!

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“That’ll Never Work!”

Negativity is not a good thing.

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Share, Listen, and Respect

Let’s talk a minute about sharing our ideas. Are you a “veteran” librarian who has been around the block a few (okay, many) times and you just know when something isn’t going to work?

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Back in the Swing


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Keeping an Open Mind

I just re-read this post I had saved awhile ago.  I needed it today.  My state is deeply divided politically.  My country is deeply divided as well.  So I have to pay attention when I read things today like: If … Continue reading

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Playing Catch Up

We all do it, at home and at work.  And I do it on this blog. I’ve got a bunch of links I’ve been saving up to write about.  Here’s a potpourri of some from The Fast Track: 5 Things … Continue reading

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What Do You Expect?

First of all, for anyone who reads my blog who doesn’t know a lot about what library directors and library staff do—Let me make one thing perfectly clear:  We work hard.  People who work in libraries do not sit and … Continue reading

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Just to Be Clear. . .

Yes, I know I’ve written about communication before.  Perhaps you think I write about it too much.  So sue me; I think it’s important! Yup, that’s a lead-in to another post about communication.  Well, actually to a few links about … Continue reading

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Hodge Podge

Gentle Readers, A recent spate of family issues, coupled with preparing to teach two online courses in the fall, has contributed to my lack of blog posts.  I’m still caught up in both, so today’s post will be links to … Continue reading

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