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Leading from the Middle

Good libraries are led by good leaders. But there are also leaders who are not always at the “top.”

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Push It!

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Get ‘er Done!

Oh dear. You know what I’m talking about. You’re working on a project. It’s almost done, and then. . .wait, just a few more tweaks. Or. . . forget it, trash it, start all over. Or. . . Because, you … Continue reading

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Back in the Swing


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When to Step Back

There are times when, as a leader, you do have to step back; to “take a back seat,” as it were.  5 Reasons Why Leaders Must Sometimes Take a Backseat shares some thoughts on when and why you might want/need … Continue reading

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Playing Catch Up

We all do it, at home and at work.  And I do it on this blog. I’ve got a bunch of links I’ve been saving up to write about.  Here’s a potpourri of some from The Fast Track: 5 Things … Continue reading

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One Meeting Every Project Manager Should Have on Its Calendar “Take the time to reflect on what you learned and can use in the future.”

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What do Project Management and Meditation Have in Common?

Good question! But you’d be surprised at the Project Management Lessons from Meditation you can learn!

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Think Outside the Box!

Just ran across what sounds like an awesome opportunity to get some funding and assistance for doing some creative public programming in your community.  The deadline is fast approaching, so if interested you need to act soon. Developed and funded … Continue reading

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What Have You Learned?

Although written about a career in business, 3 Pivotal Career Experiences and What You Should Have Learned certainly applies to a career in libraries as well.  The 3 experiences are: Your first management role Leading a high-profile project Starting at … Continue reading

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