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Back in the Swing


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Library Advocacy Done Right!

There is very little I can say about Thing 1 and Thing 2 (from The M Word).  Except, read it.  And watch the video.  And read the Power Guide.  And learn how your library can do this too.  Library boards, … Continue reading

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Got Your Elevator Speech Ready?

Are you familiar with the term “elevator speech”?  It’s a short speech (the amount of time you might spend in an elevator with another person) that gets an important point across.  It’s a good idea to have some elevator speeches … Continue reading


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Why do You Think We Call it Buy-in?

I find the post Persuasion and Sales: Sure You Can from All Things Workplace intriguing and informative. The thrust of the article is simple.  Many of us say we would never want to, and could never be, in sales.  And … Continue reading

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Telling the Story: Why is YOUR Library Essential?

Yes, the economy is tight.  Yes, funding bodies are telling libraries “we love libraries, but there’s just no more money.”  But, with the right blend of statistics, anecdotes, and persuasion, you can influence elected officials, who can, in turn find … Continue reading

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Boost Your Presentation Skills

As a leader, whether in libraries, or some other area, you will be called upon to make speeches and presentations.  And if you’re not, you should be finding opportunities to make speeches and give presentations.  This is a skill every … Continue reading

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