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What Makes a Good Library Professional?

I’ve been helping out with a public library system director search process.  I love hiring and interviewing; I don’t know why, I just do.  This process has gone very well, partly because of a very good committee. Anyway, we’ve had … Continue reading

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I Think I’m an Elder Stateswoman!

I think I’ve become an elder stateswoman.  Maybe I should have called my blog “The Elder Stateswoman of Libraries.”  Various online dictionaries I consulted define elder statesman (or stateswoman) as a “prominent, highly experienced older man/woman, especially one acting as … Continue reading

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Hiring? Don’t forget about Recruitment

It seems I’m seeing more announcements for job openings lately so I thought I’d share some thoughts on hiring.  I’ll focus on just one aspect of hiring, that of recruitment; in fact I’ll focus on just one aspect of recruitment.  … Continue reading

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