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What Does it Mean?

How many languages can you speak?        

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I Will Follow You

If you are, or want to be, a leader, you need to have followers. People who are willing to follow you.        

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So we recently talked about being new to management. Today we talk about what to do when as a new (or not so new!) manager you give feedback that results in tears, anger, or gossip.

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New to Management?

First of all, if you’re not interested in management, don’t do it. If you’re better at the day-to-day functions of the library (or whatever organization you work in), do that.

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Feedback, not Criticism

In a workplace, whether it’s a library or some other organization, we need rules for employees, and we need to get along and work together. Really, it’s the same as in a home and family. We need to meet certain … Continue reading

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Don’t be (or Create) an Accidental Manager

An accidental manager is someone who falls into a supervisory role without the least qualifications to oversee the work of others.”

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Do You Have What it Takes?

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Problems or Solutions?

This is a tough one I think.  

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Sorry, I Don’t Have Time!

So, in libraries, as you probably know by now, we don’t just sit around and read books. 🙂 Sometimes, in fact, directors and staff are really busy with one project or another.

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“That’ll Never Work!”

Negativity is not a good thing.

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