Making Beautiful Music Together

 musicReedsburg Public Library Staff In-service, May 2015


  • Understand the importance of harmonious relationships between co-workers.
  • Be aware of different personality types—your own and others.
  • Be aware of other styles as well, such as communication styles and leadership styles.
  • Know some techniques to work with various personalities and styles.
  • Possess some tips to foster good interpersonal relationships at work.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality Types:

INTJ and INFJ (Introverted Intuitive)babies

  • Perceptive
  • Contemplative
  • Persevering, determined
  • Looks at larger context

ISTJ and ISFJ (Introverted Sensing):

  • Dependable, reliable, trustworthy
  • Like things clearly established
  • Thrifty, careful
  • Loyal, accountable
  • Good memory for specific tasks
  • Tend to shy away from surprises and change

 INTP and ISTP (Introverted Thinking):

  • Analytical
  • Levelheaded, objective, impersonal
  • Independent
  • More interested in understanding the world than running it
  • May neglect social responsibilities

INFP and ISFP (Introverted Feeling):

  • Gentle, kind, compassionate
  • May not appear enthusiastic
  • Sensitive, empathetic
  • High moral standards and integrity
  • Champion of causes
  • Tolerant, open-minded
  • Good listener

ENTP and ENFP (Extraverted Intuition):

  • Loves words
  • Imaginative, spontaneous, enthusiastic
  • Fearless, tireless
  • Energetic
  • Dislike routine
  • Entertainers, artists

ESTP and ESFP (Extraverted Sensing):

  • Pragmatic, realistic
  • Love having and providing fun
  • Not easily star struck
  • Ingenious
  • Deeds rather than words
  • Excellent reflexes
  • Teach by example

ENTJ and ESTJ (Extraverted Thinking):

  •  Determined, logical, critical
  • Implementation of ideas
  • Competitive
  • Like to be challenged
  • Impersonal, objective
  • Expect others to meet challenges
  • Direct, honest

ENFJ and ESFJ (Extraverted Feeling):

  • Seek continuity and harmony
  • Wide circle of acquaintances
  • Focused on others
  • Cheerleaders
  • Team players, project leaders
  • Loyal, and expect loyalty in return
  • Gracious, even in tough situations


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