No new posts this week. We are taking some much needed time away in beautiful Door County Wisconsin. See you next week.

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Work–and a “Life.” We Should be Able to Have Both

If your work is important to you, and you work hard, it can be hard to find a work/life balance. But it can be done.



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The Rules Apply

There are certain rules that do apply to all leaders, even if they might think the rules don’t apply to them. They do.

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Everybody Makes Mistakes

We all, employees and managers alike, make mistakes. But when employees do make mistakes, it is the manager’s job to help correct them.


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Still Working on It

There are so many aspects of being a good leader, and I am still working on most of them myself. Continue reading

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96 Years

Last week close friends and family gathered to help my mom celebrate her 96th birthday.

I’ll get back to blogging about libraries and management soon. But this event is worth taking a little break.

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Library Photo of the Month–June 2017

Today we travel to Spring Green, a quaint little village in Sauk County, Wisconsin.

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Helping Hands

Libraries are here to do so many things. One of them, as I’ve told you before, is to help, not only those looking for information, but those in need. Continue reading

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Information is Powerful

In libraries, we care about information. We oppose efforts to limit, or censor access, to information. But sometimes we struggle with what to do about bad information, or misinformation. You might even think of this kind of thing as “fake news” or “alternative facts.” Continue reading

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That’s Why It’s Called SOCIAL Media

For the most part, libraries aren’t “selling” facebook likethings, but we do strive to promote ourselves, what we offer, and our value to the communities we serve. Continue reading

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