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Burning Bridges

I wrote an earlier post about the importance of things like communication and consensus. Today I’d like to add another C to that list: Collaboration. Though Inclined to Collaborate? You Should Be (All Things Workplace) starts by talking about the … Continue reading

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Keeping an Open Mind

I just re-read this post I had saved awhile ago.  I needed it today.  My state is deeply divided politically.  My country is deeply divided as well.  So I have to pay attention when I read things today like: If … Continue reading

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Collaboration is the Key!

But you don’t need me to tell you that. Though focusing on companies and brands, you will find the post Collaboration is the Key applicable to collaboration in libraries as well.  “It’s nearly impossible for anyone to succeed by going … Continue reading

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Batter Up!

OK, confession time:  I know practically nothing about sports, while my husband is a baseball fanatic (and fan of other sports).  BUT I do know that it is baseball season. In fact, my siblings and I just went together and … Continue reading

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Are you a Collaborative Leader?

And if not, why not?!  (And don’t tell me you’re not in a leadership position, either.  There is such a thing as leading from within, you know.) Anyway, be sure to check out 12 Things Collaborative Leaders Do by Jessie … Continue reading

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