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Communication is Hard

We all do it every day, so it should be easy. But it’s hard. Or, perhaps I should say, it’s hard to do it well.   15 Ways to Talk so People Will Listen can help.

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What (Who) is the Problem?

If your team or organization is having productivity problems, perhaps the problem is one particular individual. Don’t ignore the problem, and don’t let it slide. It won’t get better without intervention. Combat the Effects of a Divisive Team Member has … Continue reading


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Listen, Listen, Listen

I’m still working on this one.

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Feedback, not Criticism

In a workplace, whether it’s a library or some other organization, we need rules for employees, and we need to get along and work together. Really, it’s the same as in a home and family. We need to meet certain … Continue reading

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Cancel that Meeting!

In libraries, we tend to have lots of meetings. I’ve told you this before.

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Don’t Bury the Lead!

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We Need Mind-Readers

I wish I knew how many times a day I say to my husband, “I can’t read your mind, you know!” Even when we think we’re being crystal clear with each other, there’s so much room for misinterpretation.    

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I’ll Have My People Call Your People

I don’t have “people.” Heck, I don’t even have an office, a real job, or a department. But if I did, I’m pretty sure I’d find this article on building workplace relationships helpful.

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What Aren’t They Telling You? And Why?

If you’re a manager, whether in a library, or somewhere else, it is important to foster an environment where employees are not afraid to tell you hard truths. 10 Things Your Employees Aren’t Telling You If this is the case … Continue reading

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Accountability Doesn’t Just Happen

If you are a leader, manager, supervisor, director, boss. . .  you have others who are (or should be!) accountable to you. But it is not unusual to have accountability problems, such as staff who miss deadlines or submit substandard … Continue reading

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