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We Need Mind-Readers

I wish I knew how many times a day I say to my husband, “I can’t read your mind, you know!” Even when we think we’re being crystal clear with each other, there’s so much room for misinterpretation.    

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When to Step Back

There are times when, as a leader, you do have to step back; to “take a back seat,” as it were.  5 Reasons Why Leaders Must Sometimes Take a Backseat shares some thoughts on when and why you might want/need … Continue reading

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How are you at delegating?  Are you an expert? Or are you one of those people who thinks instead of telling someone else how to do a task, you might as well do it yourself? If you are a supervisor, … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Delegating

“If you rarely delegate, you are an individual contributor. It doesn’t matter what your title is. Leaders who don’t delegate are not leading.” “Not delegating hurts.” “But wait! Delegating hurts too.” Read the rest here:  How to Delegate So the … Continue reading


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