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Everybody Makes Mistakes

We all, employees and managers alike, make mistakes. But when employees do make mistakes, it is the manager’s job to help correct them.  

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So we recently talked about being new to management. Today we talk about what to do when as a new (or not so new!) manager you give feedback that results in tears, anger, or gossip.

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Problems or Solutions?

This is a tough one I think.  

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Making Ends Meet

Sometimes, maybe especially in today’s economy, people are unable to find work, and may have to work two part-time jobs to make ends meet. It is no different for those working in libraries.

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Do Something Great

Do you regularly ask yourself, or others, to “do something great”? Or do you think that just getting by is good enough? Or perhaps, like me, you don’t really think about it. But we should.

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No Whining!

So you’re the director of a wonderful little library. Your building is beautiful and functional. Your board is smart and supportive. Your funding is sufficient. You’ve got a great collection and offer great programs. Your staff is very competent. But … Continue reading

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What Aren’t They Telling You? And Why?

If you’re a manager, whether in a library, or somewhere else, it is important to foster an environment where employees are not afraid to tell you hard truths. 10 Things Your Employees Aren’t Telling You If this is the case … Continue reading

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I talk and teach a lot about orienting new employees, but I just learned the word “onboarding” this year.  Are you familiar with it? But, it doesn’t matter what you call getting your new staff up to speed: onboarding, orientation, … Continue reading

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Employee Problems?

Here’s a couple of posts about various problems you may be experiencing with employees: Dealing with Complainers Who Sap Workplace Productivity (The Fast Track) Tips on Handling Co-Worker Sabotage (The Fast Track) 10 Reasons Why No One Wants You in … Continue reading

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Getting Clear Direction

Today’s is a lazy post.  The Fast Track has done such a good job on this post about How To Get Clear Direction From Your Boss that all I can do is point you to it. Share your thoughts in … Continue reading

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