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More About Guns in Libraries

Why Seattle Public Library Surrendered Its Gun Ban.  (KUOW Public Radio, Seattle) I’m still not a fan.  Make your own decisions.  Know  the state and federal laws and have your policies in place. 

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Guns in Libraries? No, Thanks.

The article Taking Aim at the Reality of Guns in Libraries (AmericanLibrariesMagazine.org) takes a thorough look at state laws throughout the country, and how they relate to the right of libraries to declare themselves gun-free zones. Wherever you stand on … Continue reading


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Putting Book Banning in Perspective

I just have to jump on this bandwagon.  I won’t say much, other than I agree.  It’s OK to ban books, but not weapons? The photo is from MomsDemandAction, and is part of a “new PSA campaign, ‘Choose One,’ a … Continue reading

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