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I Had a Go

These are tough times for libraries. We’ve been through tough times before and we will be again. But we do need to think about the tough times, how libraries can survive, and how to convince the powers that be to … Continue reading

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Something About the Women

March is Women’s History Month. As a woman, a librarian, a feminist, I am a bit ashamed that I did not blog about this earlier. Thanks to Holly Near for this song so appropriate for the month. In future posts … Continue reading

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Give Me an “i”!

iSchool? What’s that? The University of Wisconsin-Madison is the institution which granted my Master’s degree.  Specifically, what was then called the School of Library and Information Science, 

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We’re a Funny Bunch

You might enjoy 30 Things Librarians Love (from Buzz Feed). I did. Heck, I even have book-themed socks. And the photos in the post are hilarious. But, I have to say, in defense of librarians everywhere, there are some stereotypes … Continue reading

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I Think I’m an Elder Stateswoman!

I think I’ve become an elder stateswoman.  Maybe I should have called my blog “The Elder Stateswoman of Libraries.”  Various online dictionaries I consulted define elder statesman (or stateswoman) as a “prominent, highly experienced older man/woman, especially one acting as … Continue reading


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