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Listen, Listen, Listen

I’m still working on this one.

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Don’t Bury the Lead!

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Listening–And Communication Styles

“Why do people who consider themselves good communicators often fail to actually hear each other? Often it’s due to a mismatch of styles: To someone who prefers to vent, someone who prefers to explain seems patronizing; explainers experience venters as … Continue reading

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Hodge Podge

Gentle Readers, A recent spate of family issues, coupled with preparing to teach two online courses in the fall, has contributed to my lack of blog posts.  I’m still caught up in both, so today’s post will be links to … Continue reading

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Fun Way to Look at Listening–

I’ve written about the importance of listening a few times (here and here).  A good manager must be a good listener, and as a matter of fact, we should all strive to be good listeners in all our relationships. I … Continue reading

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Listen While They Rant

I do seem to blog about communication and listening a lot.  But I do because it’s so important.  Communication is so central to being a good human being, a good friend, a good worker, a good boss, a good spouse. … Continue reading

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