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Cancel that Meeting!

In libraries, we tend to have lots of meetings. I’ve told you this before.

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Tips Galore

Thank goodness we don’t have to “invent” every solution ourselves. Especially in libraries, just about every management issue you think you have, someone else has had it first, and more often than not, folks are willing to share tips with … Continue reading


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Meaningful Meetings!

Jesse Lyn Stoner has done it again.  This time she delved into meetings, and what makes them work.  Or not.  “The trick is to make your meetings meaningful.” Since we tend to have lots of meetings in libraries, it is … Continue reading

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Sure, I’d Like to be More Creative

So, I’m not feeling particularly creative this week.  As a matter of fact, I’m feeling exhausted and wiped out.  But that’s because we sold our house and bought a condo and moved downtown about a week ago.  My life is … Continue reading

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Avoid the Traps!

Meetings. Who looks forward to them?  Not me.  Who is relieved when one goes well?  Me!  Who is upset when one goes badly?  Isn’t everyone? So avoid these meeting traps.

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Making the Most of Your Meetings

If you work in a library, you know one thing we have a lot of (other than books and other library material), is MEETINGS.  If you don’t work in one, you may be surprised to learn how many meetings we … Continue reading

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How Successful are Your Meetings?

Meetings.  Who likes them?  Who hates them? Meetings, just for the sake of having meetings are useless, and “good” meetings that accomplish what they are supposed to are better, but many of us complain about having “too many meetings!”  (By … Continue reading

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