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That’s Why It’s Called SOCIAL Media

For the most part, libraries aren’t “selling” things, but we do strive to promote ourselves, what we offer, and our value to the communities we serve.

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Getting Social

In a few weeks we’re going to cover marketing in the online course I’m teaching, which will include a look at social media. I’m not sure I could use all of the tips in 7 Social Media Tactics you Should … Continue reading

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Tweet, Tweet!

Here’s what folks on Twitter are saying about libraries.

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Social Media to Your Rescue!

I heard a great presentation by two young librarians, Anna Haase Krueger (Ramsey County, MN) and Sara Bryce (LaCrosse, WI), recently. It was not about using social media to connect with your customers or promote your library, but about how … Continue reading

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Cash in On Social Media

So, OK, I do recommend that libraries have some social media presence, whether Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, whatever. . .  or a combination of any of them.  BUT, I don’t think you should have these just for the sake of having … Continue reading

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Check out These Tech Tips for Your Library

Do you think that all the information about technology is just hype or a fad, and you don’t need to use social media or new technologies in your library?  Or, do you think you’re already making use of all the … Continue reading

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Sometimes The Old-Fashioned Ways Work Too!

Here’s a great post about word of mouth marketing. The author explains how, when ticket sales for a library event were nowhere near what they had hoped, she sat in the library lobby and talked to everyone who entered about … Continue reading

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Make Social Media a Holiday Gift to Your Library

David Lee King asks (and answers) “Are efforts to use social media worth it? Indeed, they are. I see many reasons for libraries—or practically any other organization—to use these tools.” No, not just a Facebook page you post to occasionally.  … Continue reading

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The Power of Blogging

The post 6 Reasons Why You Should Quit Blogging is really targeted toward businesses. And yes, it is from an Internet marketing agency, that is trying to sell you its services.     But, its message is valid, and applies … Continue reading

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