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Failure = Success!

It seems appropriate to follow up the last post about being successful with this one about how successful people handle failure.

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Yes, I’d Like to be Successful

Yes, I’d like to be successful. Wouldn’t you? So I’m always on the lookout for tips to be more successful.

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What’d You Say? (Communication is Important!)

I’m pleased to have been asked by the training site Webucator to write a post about the skill I think most essential for success. This was hard for me.  After thinking long and hard, I have decided that, to me, … Continue reading

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The Key to Success?

The post What Makes Many People Successful? presents several quotes about success and then notes that what they have in common is that they describe what success means to the speaker, not what it means in terms of others. So … Continue reading

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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!

Here’s a fun and interesting way to look at career success! 5 Career Lessons to Learn from Superman (from the Fast Track). Yes, it’s tongue in cheek, but hey, there’s some great pointers in here! Like: He maintains personal appearances. … Continue reading

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