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Trust Me

Trust is like a bank account. You start a new relationship with a certain amount of trust, and then over time you add to that account to build a solid foundation. –Jesse Lyn Stoner “The 4 Dimensions of Trust“

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Do Your Library Users Trust and Support You?

Spend some time with the post Earning Trust by Aaron Schmidt. Think about his opening premise: “Earning the trust of your library members is crucial to delivering a great user experience. Without trust, it is impossible to connect to library … Continue reading

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Trust Me!

Much of what we do in libraries is done as a team.  Good teamwork is an essential element if you’re going to have a successful library.   And trust is an essential element if you’re going to have a successful … Continue reading

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Empowering Employees

Came across this thoughtful post this week:  Leaders Need to Understand the Risk and Trust Relationship.  I agree, it is so true:  “How can we get staff to make more decisions on their own, they always come to us for … Continue reading

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